Simon Kay

Simon helps business owners tackle rising costs, profit squeeze, growth stagnation, external threats and employee performance issues. With his radically-different approach incorporating planned, focused and deliberate actions, you will seriously drive growth and profitability and outperform your competition. Simon is a real, in-the-trenches professional coach, providing business planning to maximise scalability and attain a high value exit. His strategies have achieved results such as 200% annual revenue growth, $250,000 annual cost savings and award of projects up to $90 million. 

Greg Kearney

Greg is committed to helping businesses thrive by streamlining operations and implementing highly-efficient teams. With 20 years of experience in project management, strategic planning and winning business, Greg knows what it takes to overcome obstacles and is always one step ahead of today’s changing market. His clients say they are inspired by his straightforward approach for boosting performance and adding value. By working with Greg, you will reach your goals faster than you ever thought possible.  

Michael Ribot

Michael Ribot

Michael believes strongly in the strategies, tactics and methodologies of Brian Tracy, the world leader in professional and personal achievement. He attributes his own business success to following Brian’s principles during the last 15 years. As a business coach and mentor, Michael works with clients to find more time, build better teams and generate more profit. By combining his passion and experience with the expertise of Brian’s tested and proven concepts, Michael provides outstanding value to his clients.

Sunny Singh

A specialist in sales strategy, Sunny works hands-on with his clients to generate sales, increase market share and become self-directed leaders. He knows how to excel in highly-competitive markets with little product differentiation and is a master of the ‘art and science’ of sales, influence and persuasion. By pairing his extensive knowledge of human behaviour with the industry-leading Brian Tracy methodologies, Sunny ensures you achieve the results you want including greater efficiencies, employee engagement and cost savings.

Peter Swatosch

Peter works with business owners that want to achieve outstanding results. Having successfully operated his own independent prestige car repair and sales facility for over 25 years, Peter understands the challenges facing businesses today. He knows how to build customer loyalty in competitive markets, develop efficient teams and increase sales. A dedicated coach, Peter combines his hands-on experience with his mentoring skills to ensure that his clients reach high levels of achievement.

Daniel Tolson

Daniel Tolson

Daniel is an influential business coach who combines his years of leadership and business experience with the time-tested FocalPoint professional coaching systems. A sought-after speaker and the author of 10 books on business psychology, he has competed with the world’s top athletes at the extreme games, is a former Australian champion wakeboarder and has led a team of more than 17,000 cabin crew members. Daniel has consulted with thousands of clients to help them manage their time more effectively, remove self-limiting beliefs and make a lot more money.

Dennis Wong

Dennis Wong

Dennis works with business owners, executives and work teams to achieve peak performance results. With 30 years of experience in financial services, building and construction, and corporate training, he ensures his clients improve revenues, profits, productivity, cost efficiencies and employee engagement. Combining his business expertise and passion for mentoring and training, Dennis identifies key issues, gaps and areas of improvement and provides immediate strategies. By working with Dennis, you will achieve measurable outcomes and a guaranteed return on investment.

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