Cesar Rocha

Cesar embraces visions not always seen by others. His creative mind and cross-cultural perspective allow him to see the big picture while still keeping focused on the details. In his 20 years of experience, Cesar has managed multicultural teams and recruited, trained and coached over 1000 professionals. A true global citizen, he speaks 5 languages and has lived in Brazil, Italy, England, China and Australia. Cesar helps businesses grow by overcoming operational barriers, reducing costs, consistently increasing profits and leading others to peak performance.

Ben Kirk

Ben is an expert at problem-solving and motivating individuals, teams and organisations with his proactive approach and hard-earned experience from a broad range of industries.

Passionate about helping others, Ben’s focus is sales training, personal achievement and leadership development. His methods promote sustained behavioural change which will give you a winning edge over your competition. Leading by example, Ben works closely with his clients to overcome challenges and he ensures that you will achieve fast, measurable results.


Andrew Phillips

Andrew Phillips

A highly-regarded international speaker, best-selling author, trainer and mentor in the fields of sales, leadership and business development, Andrew brought FocalPoint to Australia. With 25 years of experience in business strategy, he is passionate about working with individuals and organisations that are serious about achieving big goals. Andrew wants help business leaders to be ready for the the exponential changes coming in the next decade through advances in AI and disruptive business models. Contact him at any time for a confidential chat.

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