TriMetrix Solves Issues Around ‘High-functioning Mediocrity’

DISC Assessments, Motivators Assessments, EQ Assessments Solve Issues around “high functioning mediocrity”

Tess, a senior manager of information development at a hi-tech company, was in a “fog of fear and uncertainty,” feeling topped out in a job where she no longer felt effective as a leader. Her department, responsible for delivering end-user and technical documentation, had reached a state of “high-functioning, high-production mediocrity” and was stuck in a rut.

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Hospital Uses Employee Morale Leadership Program to Increase Profits by $4.5 Million

Hospital Uses DISC Assessments and Employee Morale Leadership Program to Increase Profits by $4.5 Million

A hospital was “on a skid” and in the red $2.5 million. Many employees at the underperforming Healthcare Medical Center said they had been working under strained relationships, where there was often disconnect between them and supervisors.

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Job Benchmarking Saves Retailer $800k in Turnover Reduction

For years, a national retail provider was “bleeding with turnover” that plagued company sales and growth trajectory. Indicative of the retail market, it was commonplace to experience between 60 and 70 percent turnover amongst its sale staff.

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Wine and Spirits Distributor Credits Office-wide Display of DISC Profiles to Turnaround

A major player in the wine, beer and spirits industry was on the precipice of promoting two key executives to continue driving the company forward. With major contracts with a national grocery chain and a multi-national retail corporation, management was banking on the leadership expertise of the newly promoted company vice president and another key executive to provide the right cultural fit and bring sustained success to the operation.

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