A DISC Assessment is one of the most powerful tools you can employ to build business relationships and success. Firstly as a self-awareness tool, but then as a tool to identify the behaviour type of others and adapting your own style so that you can become more influential.

DISC Assessment results are based on observations of human development and have been utilized by businesses, organizations, trainers, and individuals since the 1920’s to help better understand people and how people interact with the world around them. DISC styles help to understand that everyone has different ways in which they operate based on their preferences. DISC is an acronym that stands for the four main personality profiles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.


All DISC Assessments are not equal. FocalPoint only uses Assessments independently Validated by the US based Assessment Standards Institute. A debrief with a Certified FocalPoint Business Coach or Executive Coach ensures maximum benefit can be extracted from the DISC Assessment.


The value of DISC is not just in self-awareness, but in learning to identify others and be capable of anticipating their behavioural and communication styles. How they handle details, deal with people, problems and challenges and change. The principles of DISC are simple and readily applicable.

Organisations embracing DISC Assessments typically benefit from improved communication, less misunderstanding and conflict, shorter meetings, more effective teams, better cooperation, increased productivity, improved employee retention rates, and ultimately improved financial performance. An absolute must for all aspiring Leaders, great for improving communication in teams and for anyone in the staff recruitment process if you want to ensure a strong “fit”.

What’s your behavioural style? What’s their style? Do they fit the job you want them to do? In sales, studies have shown that if you are communicating to everyone the same way, you could be losing up to 75% of your opportunities!

When coupled with a Motivators Assessment, the individual motivations that are not otherwise visible are highlighted. For example, in Sales recruitment, a Motivators Assessment will highlight a candidates economic drive, which may be a key factor in recruitment, which is why in recruitment a combined DISC-Motivators Assessment is the preferred assessment.  


Analyse the key objectives for the role, build a DISC behaviour type template and measure all applicants against the benchmark for the job with a Job Benchmark Assessment. This leading-edge assessment can save thousands for dollars in lost opportunity.

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