Personal Performance Coaching is a time-specific, content-driven coaching program to take you to new heights in your business, career and life. It’s a 12 week program focused on you as an individual, designed to help anyone looking to personally achieve more.

Whether you are an upwardly mobile executive, a mid-level manager, a sales professional or a young adult looking for structure to help you obtain clarity and success as you yourself define it, Personal Performance Coaching will help you on your path.

Performance Coaching helps you to:

  • Unlock your potential
  • Develop your special strengths
  • Organize your time and your life
  • Simplify your work
  • Develop a personal strategic plan
  • Enjoy superb health and fitness
  • Make a difference in your community
  • Tap into your intuition
  • Achieve all your goals

Performance Coaching is ideal as a time-specific Executive Coaching Program. The program is recognised globally for it’s focus on improving one’s focus on the things that matter to them, whether you are a CEO, Executive, Manage or University Student.

Combine with a DISC-Motivators Assessment and debrief to facilitate increased self-awareness.

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