Whether for leadership, team engagement, sales or influence, being a highly-skilled and versatile communicator is vital for success in today’s marketplace. DISC Assessments help to understand different behavioral and communication styles and learn how to adapt to build solid and positive relationships with both internal and external customers.

This program has participants completing a premium DISC Assessment (Assessment Standards Institute Certified) and combines this powerful analytic tool with individual for those looking to take their communication effectiveness to the next level.

Example Topics

  • Complete a premium (Assessment Standards Institute Certified) DISC Assessment
  • Understanding the 4 Communication Styles
  • Gain Self-Awareness by Learning Your Communication Style
  • Learn cues to identify some else’s Communication Style
  • Adapting Your Communication Style to Increase leadership, team engagement and sales effectiveness
  • Learn the PLATINUM RULE of effective communication
  • Consolidate your knowledge by role playing communication scenarios

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