Exit Planning, being the sale or transition of a business will likely be the single largest and most important financial transaction of a business owner’s life………and its level of success will impact the rest of their life in retirement. Many case studies exist showing sub-optimal outcomes due to poor or non-existent planning

Most business owners eventually sell for much less that what they think their business was truly worth. Often it’s a number of “potholes” that derail the valuation and that’s why FocalPoint has developed an Exit Planning Program (aptly called “Potholes”!) to assist our clients to maximise the outcome of the exit. Whether the goal is to transfer a family business to a family member or sell the company, the chance of a successful outcome is determined by a well thought out strategy and having sufficient time to execute. FocalPoint’s Potholes Program is designed to eliminate the most likely causes of a buyer marking down the value of a business or a failure in a family transition.

You will be guided one-on-one by a Certified Potholes Exit Planning Coach to establish a strategic plan for the exiting of the business owner, whether that be a transfer of a family business to other family members or a sale to a third party buyer.

  • Structure Your Company for Sale: Optimise your sale, asset and debt structure
  • Risk Mitigation: Identify the risks in the transfer and a plan to mitigate them
  • Value Drivers: Identify core value drivers and plan to optimise them
  • What is your Business Really Worth? : How does the buyer see your business?
  • Effective Leadership and Management Team: Without a strong team, the value of the business, and the chance of ongoing success will be in question
  • The FocalPoint Potholes Exit & Transition Planning System draws from and utilizes key elements of our proven Business Coaching and Executive Coaching Programs to prepare for exiting, concurrently minimising typical value detracting “Potholes” on the road to an optimal sale or transfer.

    Our Potholes Certified Coaches are Grant Fisher and Robert Zammit.

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