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What to look for in a Business Coach or Executive Coach

Certified: Your business coach or executive coach should have extensive and applicable experience in the business world and have been trained to a Certification standard.
Outside Perspective: Your business coach or executive coach should have the experience to provide a clear external perspective of your business. You may be tempted to hire a business coach that works specifically in your industry. While this can be relevant, it is having a certified business expert that provides the greatest return on investment.
Proven Systems: Your business coach or executive must use proven programs and systems to guide you and your business. If your coach has no formal structure or proven programs to draw from, this is a warning sign. Your business coach and their programs and systems must be demonstrated to have produced quantifiable results for their clients.
Results Focused: Good business coaches measure the results that are achieved with their clients. They want to make sure that their clients are getting a substantial return on their investment in business or executive coaching.

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