DISC+Motivators Assessment – CHINESE VERSION


CHINESE VERSION – Learn your DISC behavioural style and what motivates you and how to identify the characteristics in others. Use of this tool will dramatically improve self awareness and improve team performance, particularly in communications. Use DISC/Motivators to for hiring decisions, improving team interactions, improve selling strategies, understanding stress responses in those around you and even to improve family relationships.

中文版-了解您的DISC行为方式,以及激发您动机的方式以及如何识别他人的特征。使用此工具将极大地提高自我意识并提高团队绩效,尤其是在沟通方面。使用DISC /动机来进行决策,改善团队互动,改善销售策略,了解周围人的压力反应,甚至改善家庭关系。